Pure and Wild Snow Awaits you in Hakkoda.

    Hakkoda Ropeway is one of the most popular off-piste ski resorts in Japan.

  • Hakkoda Ski Information


    Hakkoda Ropeway consists of several long ski runs approximately 3.5km to 5km starting from the peak of Mt.Tamoyachidake which is the location of the ropeway summit station, and can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced skiers. The scenery from the summit is simply outstanding. You can observe ice-covered trees and enjoy the distant view of Hokkaido.​

  • Mt.Hakkoda

    A Representative Ski Resort in Japan.

    It is one of the areas with the most snowfall in the world.The winter season is from November to April.

    Many foreigners come here and enjoy skiing.

    Off-piste Slopes

    Enjoying Ski with Soft Snow.

    Hakkoda Ropeway has powder snows, natural slope s and high level ski courses.It features five long courses about 7km from the peak and all of them are off-piste courses.

    Grasp Real Joy of Natural Snow

    Hakkoda has fascinated a lot of winter sports lovers all of the world.It is because they can play with soft, natural snow in the ways they like. Yes, Hakkoda is the place where you can define winter sports at your own way!

  • You can enjoy your style

  • Directions

    From JR Aomori Station

    Approximately 80 minutes by JR Bus

    Approximately 45 minutes by car

    From JR Shin-Aomori Station

    Approximately 50 minutes by car

  • Staying in AOMORI

    Introducing a good hotel to enjoy Hakkoda